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Migration to WordPress & Review for HVL-F20AM on the way

Finally, alphastrobist contents have moved to WordPress.  This will allow some level of real time queries to help out new fellow Alpha system users.  Its really an exciting months ahead with the introduction of the new HVL-F20AM compact and lightweight flash unit.  Its really going to be a hit with those wanting to have a higher guide numbered flash to carry along and at the same time not too heavy or large.  Its a cute little flash unit that have been long anticipated.  Well, its really an addition to the Sony A900 – which does not have any built-in flash.

Hopefully, we could get some level of contributions and knowledge sharing within this site in the knowledge base of Sony dedicated flash system and accessories and also third party alternatives that may be of great use too.  We are now running some actual shoots with the HVL-F20AM and also trying out several ways this little flash could be better utilised.

Stay tuned. And do check back for some new info or news.



We have finally secured a unit of the HVL-F20AM.  Do check back for our in-depth user review!!

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