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Fast deployment with the Alpha Wireless during a recent shoot

Got a request to do a quick shoot for a set of menu items for an eating place, and did not have the luxury of a full mobile studio setup with our monolights. Had to go with the strobist approach for this one and did the shoot with only the HVL-F58AM on stand with Photoflex diffuser + the HVL-F20AM as the wireless trigger.

Setup was very simple with only a lightstand and the softbox rig. Just like any of our food photography shoot, we used natural light as the main light and the strobes were there to do fill-ins. Here are the list of items that was used for this session:

– Sony Alpha camera

– Sony HVL-F20AM – mounted on camera used as trigger

– Sony HVL-F58AM – On light stand with Photoflex Mini softbox LiteDome XS rig

– Yongnuo Battery Pack for Sony HVL-F58AM strobes

– DIY foam core – booklet type silver reflectors (one of my favorite DIY tool)

– A shoot through round pp-up disc for softening reflections on the shiny plates and bowls.

– Tripod with head

– Other basic food styling props and of course tissue papers to wipe smudges and marks.

Here are some shots of me getting the shot done – thanks to my team mate who was shooting on the Sony A550.

Food Photography with wireless

I like to make the shots simple and clean for this one hence no props or such.

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