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Wireless USB solution Beats Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2

Its been a long day today with food photography shoot followed by a “searching for the” wireless solution to go forward for another mass portrait shoot-to-print session that we’re having tomorrow. Yep…tomorrow!!!!Sunday 04, Nov 2012.

Apart from the wired remote control tethered solution that we have with the A900/A550s that we have, we’re looking at getting a wireless setup ready to send photos from the camera to the print station for tomorrows event. Not really a “remote” setup but over a short distance of 2m from the shooting point to the print-station. So today, we had a go in testing the two solution that we now have in hand:

1) The wireless USB solution – more details here.
2) The New Eye-Fi 16GB Pro X2 – wireless SD card solution.

As the Sony A900 is unsupported by the Eye-Fi – due to the CF-card and Memory Stick only support, we had a go with the Eye-Fi 16GB on the Sony A550 and the Sony A33.

Summarising our observations

The Eye-Fi 16GB card solution did not meet our requirement of being able to quickly transfer the images from the camera – swiftly without major delays or hiccups. We were very gentle with the trials with the Eye-Fi by using the lowest resolution settings and quality settings, but, I guess, our experience to date have been similar to those who’ve complained about slow transfer speed and drop-outs, especially in the Direct Mode.

The Wireless USB solution proved to be a better choice for our intended use due to the following:
Faster transfer – taking less then half the time the Eye-Fi took to transfer the lowest resolution file
Low Drop Out – The Wireless USB DIY solution surprisingly was more robust with less drop outs or communication error with the host computer.

So for those of you who might be searching for a wireless “real-time” image file transfer solution, you might want to “try” out the Eye-Fi card from demo shops or camera accessories centres before purchasing. This will help you calibrate your expectations – in cases where you might be imagining lightning fast data transfer “real-time”. I guess, there might be physical hardware limitations of existing cameras where structurally might not be friendly to the Eye-Fi cards. Most card slots are made with shield caged design – acting as EMC/RFI/EMI shielding etc. So I can imagine the level of attenuation if the Wi-Fi antennas are in-inbuilt in the card.

Will share more observation soon…

Till then, to all, have a great weekend!!!

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