DIY 1 – Simple Soft Box

Home Made Soft Box – On the Cheap
by mohd sulhan

This is a short DIY article on how you can make your own “Soft Box” for use with your flashes. The mounting method is made to be as generic where you could use with many different dedicated flashes. Lets get started on this little DIY Project. Here are the materials needed for the project:

1- One or Two large Black piece of corrugated plastic PVC boards (depending on size of box to be made)
2- One or Two large white translucent piece of corrugated plastic PVC boards (depending on size of box to be made)
3- One roll of gaffer Tape
4- Cutting tools like Scissor or Pen-Knife.

Get the materials prepared as above and next we will go through the steps on how to make the Soft Box. Once all the materials are ready, the Panels are then prepared according to the desired size. The Size and dimensions provided in the previous page will make up a medium size light box great for use indoors. Here are the step by step instruction on how the Soft Box is constructed.

Once the Boxes Panels are put together, the mounting “L” portion is then fixed in place securely at the rear where the flash is to be mounted.

Double Sided tapes could also be used to strengthen the adhesion of the L panel. Once all the hardware has been fixed, we will now test the Soft Box out.

The Soft Box is mounted carefully by means of a large rubber Band or Large piece of Velcro to the flash that is already mounted onto a light stand or tripod. We will look at how the Soft Box performs in the next page.

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