Review – HVL-F42AM

by mohd sulhan

Okay here is the review that some of you have been waiting for. Its fun to see once in awhile your email is flooded by questions. The test is aimed at looking into those new features in the specification.

Features that may have been lacked in the earlier HVL-F36AM and also features that may be found in the higher powered HVL-F56AM.

The content of this review are divided into 5 sections. As the 5600HS(D) was with me at the point of writing, the comparison would be done with this flash. Follow the Links below to the specific topics:

1) Physical & Handling – How the flash felt in the hands.
2) User interface I – User Controls on the HVL-F42AM How it compared to the HVL-F56AM.
3) User Interface II -User Display and feedback for function and features.
4) Lighting & White Balance – Its performance together with the Camera.
5) Improvements – Obvious Improvements over previous flashes.

Next: HVL-F42AM Physical

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