HVL-F42AM User Interface II

User interface II – User Display and feedback

Now that we have looked through all the buttons on the back face, here we’ll look at the Display Panel. Being a simple LED type indicator, to support all the features accessible by the buttons, the layout is broken into three main groups:

– Flash Modes
– Flash Power
– Flash Zoom

User Display Panel:

Fig. 7 The Display on the back panel

As we can see in Fig. 7 above the groups are laid out and arranged well to enable quick glance. Keeping the positions of the group in similar order form the left to right – Flash modes, Flash Power, Flash Zoom.

Fig. 8 The back panel close-up

Here is the closer view of the back display panel and you can clearly see the different supported modes.

Flash Modes – (Indicated by Orange LED)
– No Flash
– Flash Auto
– Flash on Wireless (Channel 1 & Channel 2)

High Speed Sync – (Indicated by Green LED)
– On/Off

Flash Power Level – (Indicated by Orange LED)
– 1/1 (Full)
– 1/2
– 1/4
– 1/8
– 1/16
– 1/32

Note: Test Fire Button fires the flash at whatever setting of the Flash Power on the flash. Test Fire does not fire when Flash Mode is in “No Flash” mode.

Flash Zoom – (Indicated by Orange LED)
– 24mm
– 28mm
– 35mm
– 50mm
– 70mm
– 105mm

There is a dedicated High Speed Sync (HSS) ON/OFF LED right above the HSS button. Also a Battery Low indicator. This is a single last stage “Battery low” indicator and does not follow the Intelligent Battery Level indicator like in the Alpha A-700.

Next section, we’ll look at how good the flash performs as an external lighting accessory.

Next: HVL-F42AM Lighting & WB

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