LiteDome XS – Different Setup Possibilities II

3.  Different Setup Possibilities II (Based on the two type of setup I personally use)

Setup  2: Utilizing the Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM

Another variation that I also use is with the Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM.  I use this setup once in awhile with the off camera cable.  This setup uses all of the hardware form the LiteDome XS package – which includes the ISO flash shoe type clamp. Similarly to Setup 1 covered earlier, this setup also uses the same ball-head.  Therefore the only additional item that is unique here is the:

  1. Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM

The hardware listed above could then be assembled into the following setup:

– The ISO mount flash clamp is inserted onto the horizontal plate of the Main Holder.

– The Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM is then clammed onto the ISO Standard flash mount clamp.

– The mounting position of the ball-head could also be  done onto two positions.

– You could either mount the  ball-head onto the following two positions:

  • Mounting Ring securing screw knob OR
  • 1/4″ Inch Screw mount at the bottom of the ISO Flash Mount Clamp

As you can see the use of the ISO Standard Flash Mount clamp and the  Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM increases the height of the flash significantly.  Ensure that the adjustments of the flash head is adjusted by adjusting the two horizontal and vertical adjustment knobs as shown in the following diagram.

In cases where there is insufficient vertical height adjustment space due to the stacking of the Minolta OS-1100/Sony FA-CS1AM and the ISO Flash Mount clamp, follow the following procedure to increase the lower travel distance of the vertical position adjust.

Once all the above setup is done, mount the ring and the LiteDome XS and the back cover in place.  it should look very similar to the one shown in the previous page.

Next we’ll mount the setup for testing….

Next: LiteDome XS – Quick Test

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