LiteDome XS – Different Setup Possibilities I

2.  Different Setup Possibilities (Based on the two type of setup I personally use)

Setup  1: Utilizing the Original Flash Stand (Comes with the Alpha Flashes)

I personally like to use the original flash stand that comes in the Alpha flash package.  This adds functionality to this little “lonely” accessories.  I use the flash stand for the easy mounting and dismounting of the flashes that I use. In this example, I’ve used the flash stand form the HVL-F58AM flash. In order to use the flash stand, there are a couple of additional items that needs to be sourced separately from the LiteDome XS package.    The items are (See Items (3) and (4) respectively in image below):

  1. A washer that fits 1/4 Inch Screw Knob
  2. 1/4″ Inch fastening Screw Knob with 1/4″ Inch screw hole at the bottom – usually used on flash brackets

The hardware listed above could then be assembled into the following setup:

The presence of a 1/4″ Inch screw hole on the bottom the the knobs securing the mounting ring and the flash, allows further choice of mounting the setup to the ball head.  I personally prefer the setup with the ball-head at the mounting ring position as it provides better balance of the whole setup.  In cases where the ball-head knob is loosened, the flash will not drop to the sides at a higher force (as compared to the next setup option that will be shown later).

Adjustments of the flash head position is achieved by loosening the two knobs indicated and sliding the flash accordingly to position.  Once adjusted, the position knobs can then be tightened.  The front dome with the frame spokes in place can now be assembled to the mounting ring and here is a side view of the completed setup.  As you can see from the setup, the ball-head position that I have chosen sits nicely with a good pivoting point on the mounting ring.  A good tightness on the ball head allows be to tilt or adjust position of the lighting with just holding the end of the horizontal plate.

The example below shows how I adjust the tilt of the setup by just holding onto the tail end of the plate.  Simple, fast and easy!!!

Here is how the whole setup look like from the back.  The back cover fits snugly wrapping around the flash head in its position.  This helps to prevent any light leak form the back.

Next we will look at another setup possibility.

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