Overall Alpha Flash System

Through the emergence of the Digital SLR era, there have been some changes in the flash and accessories line-up for the Alpha DSLR system. Although most of the High Speed (D) flashes and accessories are compatible with the Alpha DSLR range right from the first Konica Minolta DSLR the Dynax 7D, some of the older accessories has been dropped form the current Alpha Flash system.

The chart below shows the current flashes & accessories line-up including the HVL-F42AM , HVL-F58AM and the newly released HVL-F20AM.  The HVl-F56AM and the HVL-F36AM has been discontinued.  However, they are compatible flashes with the new cameras.

Its been really a great pleasure to see how the alpha system has evolved since the film days.  Back from the days of the now discontinued Dynax 7 film camera, there were only the Minolta 3600HS(D) and the 5600HS(D) flashes to boot. But inpite all that, there was the ratio flash that was a cool offering.  I moved to the Dynax 7D once it hit the market. Came the Digital SLR evolution of the Alpha Mount, I guess to date, its really been a great revival of some of the flash accessories by Sony.   Good for those new to the system.  I remembered popping into every available camera stores while traveling in Japan, USA, China and Korea looking for new old stocks of cables and connectors for my alpha flashes.  Well that’s all history.  Some key important ones have now been revived!!

For those interested in ringlights, As you can see from the chart, there is the Sony Ring Light unit HVL-RLAM. This ring light utilizes a standard ISO Hot-shoe Mount which is mounted on to the ISO to Alpha’s I- mount via the flash converter FS-1100 (not listed as separate product).

The accessories would be discussed in greater detail in the respective articles as listed on the right panel. Several common wired flash setup examples is also discussed. Check out the Section Articles!!

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