Review – HVL-F20AM

In-Depth User Review – HVL-F20AM
by mohd sulhan

The announcement and the release of the HVL-F20AM surely was a sigh of relieve for many Sony A900 users. Sony finally reacted to the Alpha users at the two ends of the spectrum –

  • The Professional/Advance Amateurs – who have been wanting to fire their other wireless flashes without using the HVL-F58AM as the triggering flash
  • The casual users – users who would like to have a higher guide numbered flash to bring along and use with the newer smaller camera range such as the A230,A300,A350, A380 – these are really small handy carry-around cameras!!

This review will be based on the same layout of the previous flashes as published here in alphastrobist. Although we do not really have a forum atmosphere here in alphastrobist, we have now migrated to a blog-type site to enable users to post questions and get answers with regards to these alpha flash system!! The content of this review are divided into 5 sections.

As the HVL-F20AM is a unique offering from Sony for its Alpha DSLR range,  there isn’t really much to compare to the HVL-F56AM & the HVL-F42AM in terms of its intended usage.  However, when applicable we will use the larger siblings for comparison. Follow the Links below to the specific topics:

1) Physical & Handling – How the flash felt in the hands.

2) User interface – User Controls on the HVL-F20AM.  Includes User Display and feedback for function and features.

3) Lighting & White Balance – Its performance together with the Camera. We will be exclusively using the Alpha 900 for the tests.

4) Wireless Flash Triggering – This is the key test that will determine how well the HVL-F20AM will shine as a Wireless Flash trigger (Simple, No Ratio triggering).

Next: HVL-F20AM – Physical

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