HVL-F20AM – Physical

Physical & Handling – How the flash felt in the hands

The HVL-F20AM is the smallest dedicated external flash in the Sony Flash System.  The flash does not come with any flash stand as its not intended to be used off camera – such as in a wireless flash setup.  This little flash is well build in spite of its small size.  The flash is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

The flash is very small, light-weight and handy as compared to the other larger siblings – HVL-F36,42,56,58AM.  The picture below shows the key parts of the HVL-F20AM.  The flash is slim – made possible by the 2x AAA sized batteries that its powered with.

All the necessary knobs, switch, battery door and buttons are well located at the sides of the flash.  The flash window of the HVL-F20AM has a rounded face to accommodate the direct and bounce flash modes.  There is also a built-in diffuser that does not come out hanging or separate from the flash – a well thought of design.  Its activated by one of the switch/knob on the top-side of the flash.  This will be discussed further in the later section.

The flash is designed for maximum portability and reduced profile and this could be seen here in the three views of the flash on a A900.  The length of the flash itself extends out of the size of the prism compartment – when in “OFF” position.  This translates to a higher flash position at its “ON” position as compared to the built-in pop-up flash that you would find in the other DSLR cameras.

The lowered profile when its in “OFF” position is favorable when the camera is to be carried around in a room full of people in a wedding hall or equipments – such as in a studio environment.

Next we will be looking at the user interfaces found on the flash.

Next: HVL-F20AM – User Interface

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