HVL-F20AM – User Interface

User interface – Controls on the HVL-F20AM

Now we’ll look at the user interface of the HVL-F20AM. The HVL-F20AM do not have any LCD panel or complicated LED arrays to begin with.  Its basically have the following interfaces:

Button & Switches

  • Flash Release Button – Side Access
  • Flash Mode Switch – Switching from “Bounce /Direct” – Located on Side
  • Flash Tele Position for use in Direct mode – Located on Top Side

The ON/OFF switch is intelligently incorporated into the flip up/down hinge mechanism.


  • Flash Mode – complimenting Sticker indicator at the Rear of flash
  • Diffuser “Tele” position marking – Top Rear of flash
  • Flash “Chg” = Charged  – Amber LED Indicator at Rear of flash
  • Flash in “ON”  – Green LED + Marking line – Rear of Flash
    – When battery power is low,  the “ON” LED may turn Red. Indicating that battery might need to be changed as charging time might be longer.
    – When the flash is Over-Heated – the “ON” LED will Blink Red.

It could be clearly seen how simple the overall user interface of the HVL-F20AM is.  The flash will function like a normal flash when used in the Fill-in mode, and functions as a “trigger” for all wireless flashes when the “Wireless” flash mode is selected on camera without the in-built pop-up flash – A900, A850 (These are the two cameras currently comes without on board pop-up flash April 2010).

Next: HVL-F20AM – Flash Test

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