HVL-F43AM New Implementations

New Implementations on the Sony HVL-F43AM

There are a couple of new implementations on the HVL-F43AM that are worth given a closer attention.

1. Change in Focus Assist Lamp window position

One key change that can be seen clearly is the position of the focus assist lamp.  The focus assist lamp has been moved from the bottom section of the flash front face to the upper edge of the front face. as seen in Fig.11 below.

Fig. 11 The new location of the focus assist lamp

This change is a welcoming change as it improves the effectiveness of the focus assist lamp when the flash is used, mounted on the newer and smaller camera bodies.

On the newer cameras that do not have optical view finders (e.g SLT with EVFs) , the top section of the camera where the flash is mounted is actually lower.  This will then lower the physical position of the flash as its mounted on the camera.  There are some scenarios that may become a problem for the earlier flashes like the HVL-F42Am as illustrated here in Fig. 12:

Fig. 12 Improvement in the effectiveness of the focus assist lamp

2. Weather Sealing – Dust & Moisture

Already touched on and mentioned in the earlier section, the Sony HVL-F43am now comes with a weather seal against dust and moisture for its battery compartment.  The battery compartment now has a rubberised edge capping O-ring seal design which conceals the battery compartment when the battery door is in its closed position.  This is a very welcoming feature when the flash is being mounted on the camera and the flash battery cover edges is facing straight upwards.  In cases where there might be light water droplets, the weather seal does play some role in keeping moisture at bay

Fig. 13 – Moisture and Dust seal on the battery compartment inner cover


Finally we have a flash that sits nicely in between the Sony HVL-F58AM and the Sony HVL-F42Am that can provide the following features:

– Function as a controller for wireless flash
– Offer quick bounce head design for easy switching form landscape to portrait shooting orientation
– Give better subtle steps in power control in steps of +/- 0.3 or 0,5EV
– Added weather seal features to match possibly dust and moisture sealed newer bodies
– Smaller physical size that matches the smaller alpha DLSR/SLT bodies

Surely we would love to have this little flash to be part of our wireless flash setup due to its physical features and flash capability.  We surely recommend those who would like to explore the world of shooting with strobes on the Alpha bodies to give this flash a go.

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