HVL-F58AM Flash Test

This is a quick comparison of the new HVL-F58AM flash that was just launched recently. Thankfully to a local dealer, I manage to get hold of one unit. Here, the HVL-F58AM is tested side by side for its flash performance for an indoor situation with the HVL F42AM & the HVL-F56AM. I’m hoping to get access to a couple more HVL-F42AM or HVL-F58AM to test out the Ratio Flash and complete a user review soon.

Since the launched of the HVL-F42AM, Sony has been touting the better white balance accuracy in its newer generation flashes. In the following comparison shot, two white balance modes were used – AWB(Auto) and Fluorescent. The setup was done in my kitchen which was lit from above with a double fluorescent tube white light. So here are the examples in the follwing series order – HVL-F42AM, HVL-F56AM, HVL-F58AM.

Test Setup: Alpha A700, 50mm f1.4, Tripod

Left: HVL-F42AM,  Centre:   HVL-F56AM,  Right: HVL-F8AM

Auto White Balance Round 1

Auto White Balance Round 2

Fluorescent White Balance Round 1

Fluorescent White Balance Round 2

Auto White Balance

Fig. 12 – Image Samples – Click on Images to open a new Window

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