HVL-F58AM User Interface

User interface – Controls on the HVL-F58AM vs HVL-F56AM

Now we’ll look at the user interface of the HVL-F58AM. The HVL-F58AM do have several improvements in the user interface to allow more functionality to be supported. This is especially so for the Introduction of the Controller feature for Wireless Ratio flash.


Fig. 10 – The HVL-F58AM, 56AM, flashes side by side (Rear User Interface View)

Here we can see that the back face of the flash LCD display. This flash uses a Mono LCD display, a slider ON/OFF switch, a 4-way function controller and an LED lamp as its user interface.

These are the buttons/switch found on the flash:

1 – Mode Switch:

2 – TTL/M (Labeled as “2” in the diagram above) : Quick change between TTL and fully manual Flash Mode.

3 – Zooming Select:

Just like the HVL-F56AM , the HVL-F58AM does have a dedicated Flash-Zoom button that will change the lens positions in the flash module to match the focal length of the lens used. Covering 6 positions – 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 105mm. This therefore is a great advantage for those using lens like the 24-105mm, 16-105mm lens to get a better light concentration. Lens like the 18-200mm and 18-250mm would also reap the benefit of this flash range.

3 – Flash Power Level Select: This allows better manual lighting controls both for manual on camera and off-camera wireless flash. There are 6 steps power control – 1/1(Full), 1/2, 1/4/ 1/8/ 1/16/ 1/32. This manual flash power selection is really great for wireless for Studio Portraitures, Macros, Landscapes and much more – wherever you want full light power control!!!

4 – Test Fire: A dedicated Test Button is really helpful for on-demand fill flash or modeling lamp activation.

5- On/Off Button.

6- 4-Way Function Selector Button with center Selector (Labeled as “1” in the diagram above): Unique to this flash compared to the HVL-F56AM is this function selection 4-way button that allows more functions to be arranged in a menu interface. The HVL-F56AM uses a single button “Select” button and the “+” & “-” for user to navigate through the functions. This 4-way switch is a great choice for a flash like this that is packed with many advance features.

Features that were not included:

A couple of key features found on the HVL-F56AM that was removed :
a) The multi strobe test fire selection knob – as found on the HVL-F56AM. This first layer hardware knob selection reduces the need to manually go into a menu to select strobo flashing modeling lamp function.
b) HOLD mode to lock prevent any change in settings while flash is used.

Fig. 11 – Back Light of the HVL-F58AM (Rear User Interface View)

The HVL-F58AM uses an orange back light.  Probably to match with the orange ALPHA logo color.  Overall, the user interface is well arranged and not too cluttered to one particular position on the back panel.

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