Still Life 1 (cont.)

4 – Production Stage – Actual Shooting & Technique Discussed

After getting the lights ready and the Subjects ready, I placed all the items as per this setup shown. Apologize for the low quality image taken with my Mobile phone.

Figure. 7 – Placements of the setup on a Kitchen top in my hotel room

The HVL-F56AM/5600HS(D) is used as the back light as its more powerful and allows better power control as I can manually set the flash Power in “M” manual mode. The HVL-F42AM is to be used as the fill in flash. I was holding it around to get the different lighting effect with respect to the shadow profile I wanted to get the details out of the subject.

Note, above that there is an additional item not mentioned in the setup. This came at the last minute. It was one of the bank white page of paper on the guest directory. I used the booklet as the stand for this “White Reflector” to balance out some light on the opposite side of my fill flash.

The Two Shots – Trials and Actual

Here is the first trial shot of the Tomato with the lighting to get the lighting I wanted. I Basically held the fill-in flash around till I get the actual position of the highlights I wanted. Ideally, a two tripod setup will be useful but since I have only one, hand-held is the best option.

Figure. 8 The first tomato trial photo

After getting the consistencies of the effect I wanted, I then get to the actual shoot of the Sandwich. The sandwich was placed as shown in Figure. 7 earlier. The settings used on my camera as still Aperture Priority + Flash in Wireless. I took few rounds of shots, with different aperture settings, to achieve the different effects and results. Here is one of the final Sandwich shot.

Figure. 9 Final Burger Shot of my yummy breakfast!!

Done!!!. I’ve completed the shot finally. Then what? Next, I will show you how one could further use their images for some creative stuff and also make some money out of them.

5 – Post-Production – How can the photos and content be used

Post production is one area that most people shun trying. Hey!! Believe me, its not that difficult. Just get some of you shots form your archive, and play around with them.

Squeeze some of those creative juice and see what you can get out if them. I’m not going to show you Step By Step, on how these examples were done. Its just to kick off some thinking for those interested in trying out. I have chosen my Sandwich photo taken in the previous page as the raw material (content).

I Imagine that I have just opened up a Store Selling Freshly made Burgers & Sandwich on freshly baked Buns. I call my Shop – Fresh Bun Burgers!!

So I’m going to use this image:

Figure. 10 The Raw Material

Using a editing application like Photoshop, Illustrator, Serif Draw Etc, I conceptualized the wall poster in a portrait orientation. Colors to be used would be muted colors matching the base colors found on the subject itself. I used Photoshop today to doodle out one concept and here it goes.

Figure. 11 The Promotional Poster

The above poster is what I have put together using Adobe Photoshop. Usually I would use Illustrator for this, but since I only have Photoshop on my machine, I have to make do with it. Hopefully you like it and see how you could use you tools and simple setup to get something out.

The Basic skills in Photoshop required for the above poster are:

– Layers manipulation
– Drop Shadow for layers
– Outer Glow for layers
– Adjustments of the colors
– Basics Cut & Paste

So I have created Page 6 of this article to compile users questions as they arrive in my mailbox. Please feel free to write to for any enquiries. I do conduct some basic classes in line of the workflow shown in this article and more information could be found on my website at Hope you have enjoyed reading till this point and thank you for your time. Have a nice day!!!!

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    November 27, 2009 at 12:57 am

    nice article. enjoyed it very much

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