Multiple Wireless Flash (cont.)

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Here we have a central top lighting from the back. Notice that this lighting itself provides good lighting to the bowl and its rim. The amount of light coming into the lens is mainly coming mostly from the bowl itself.  This position provides light enough to bring up the details of the bowl.

Fig. 4 – Single Light Top Fill

Now here we have again a side lighting from the right. This again gives a classic look. The shadow cast in this single lighting give a very mysterious and nostalgic feeling to it. Many Still Life artists use this type of lighting in their drawing too.

Fig. 5 – Single Light Right Fill

Now that we’ve seen some single light examples, we’ll move on to two lights combination.

Two Lights Setup:

Now we’ll look at a setup that uses two lights and this give a totally different result.

Fig. 6 – Two Lights Left + Top Fill

Fig. 7 Two Lights Left + Right Fill

Fig. 8 Two Lights Left + Top Fill

That basically wraps up this short article on using multiple wireless flashes for a still life photography. There are countless variations of lights placements that you could explore with the strobes. There are several knobs that you could tweak in getting the successful shot with multiple flash and here are some of them:

a) Break up the number of lights to individual lights and place each lights according to the specific details in the subject that you are trying to capture.

b) Preview th shot based on each lights and vary the flash power accordingly to get the desired exposure.

c) Make full use of the HIGH-SPEED Sync capability of the alpha flashes with the different flash power – try out with different depth of field and shutter speeds for maximum control.

d) Try combo lights step by step, take notes and don’t get too impatient by just using all the lights at one go.

e) Take lots of photos with the different light positions and take setup notes to allow you to revert back to the desired lighting position. If you have an extra camera, you could take a shot of the setup as you go along. Hope that this article gives you some idea on how you could utilize multiple flashes in wireless.

Fig. 8 Two Lights Left + Top Fill

Above is an example of what the still life shot could be finally used for. Hope this articles have been informative and useful to give you a good idea on what you could do and what you may need.

Happy Shooting!!!

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